New Jersey the Birthplace of FM Radio
For me this was going back to where it all began. What am I talking about? The birthplace of FM radio, my profession, which has roots right here in New Jersey! It’s the Armstrong Tower (pictured above) and it’s located in Alpine, New Jersey.
The Art of the Water Tower! [Photo Gallery]
This article is all about “water towers”. Yes believe it or not I think there’s a visual history and art when it comes to the “water tower”. Historically you seem to find the older towers in more urban areas, the ones that go for less visual art and are more a piec…
Do YOU Know About The Tom River Hidden History Trail?
Do YOU Know About The Tom River Hidden History Trail ? It is a really cool way to see some of Toms River's "hidden" historical sites. It's perfect for those who love history and Ocean County. Toms River is full of great historical sites and now they are part of the project called…

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