Wow! what an exciting time in Ocean County history. It was on this day (June 2nd) that New Jersey and Ocean County got a visit from an aviation icon!


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It was on this day in history, June 2nd 1935 …. 86 years ago, that aviation legend Amelia Earhart was in western Ocean County in the Jackson Township area. Earhart was visiting the Switlik Parachute Company, who had a parachute jump training tower in the area which is probably now home to Six Flags Great Adventure.

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According to the book, On This Day in New Jersey History by Joseph G. Bilby, James M. Madden and Harry Ziegler, Amelia Earhart was in Ocean County making the first public parachute jump using the companies jump-training tower. Ironically Earharts husband, George Palmer Putnam, designed the jumping tower. It was an exciting day right here in Ocean County, 86 years ago. For the record, 86 years later and I still wouldn’t try sky diving! Nope 👎 I wouldn’t even if you paid me.

By the way it was just about two years later, July 2nd 1937, that the plane flown by Amelia Earhart and navigator Frederick Noonan went missing while flying around the world. They were last known to have been near Howland Island. The island, which is uninhabited, lies almost halfway between Hawaii and Australia.

Amelia Earhart was just 39 when she died.


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