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An Open Letter To All Animal Abusers In New Jersey
The number of dogs and cats that are available for adoption at the Jersey Shore always feels overwhelming. This year is no different. As an animal lover, I’ve personally have done my part to take in an animal or have been party to assist in finding them good homes.
Father’s Day Celebrations That Make Up For Last Year
It’s Dads and Grads season. Both occasions did not get celebrated the traditional way last year due to Covid19. In fact, most graduation ceremonies didn’t take place at all, and many dads were not able to see their kids face to face, other than a drive-by, or a wave through a window.…
Getting Flagged At The Jersey Shore
The history of National Flag Day dates back to 1916 when a proclamation was made by President Woodrow Wilson, that stated June 14 be established as official Flag Day in the United States of America. Then on August 3rd, 1949, as part of an Act of Congress, National Flag Day was made permanent.

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