If you are driving in and out of Belmar to and from Avon By The Sea, be aware there is one less route you are able to access in your travels. The Route 71 drawbridge is out of commission.

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Also known as Main Street, the popular and busy drawbridge on Route 71 is one of 3 connecters between Belmar and Avon and perhaps the most convenient for locals. It’s equally as active when large boats need to pass below, as they travel along the Shark River. At any time, the bridge will need to rise to allow these boats to pass, in effect stopping roadway traffic above.

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This past Wednesday, the drawbridge became stuck in the up position. The failure took place in the early part of the morning, immediately hampering the morning commute. At first, the bridge was partially upright, causing major concerns not just for roadway traffic to pass but also vessels below.
It took some time, but crews were able to raise the bridge in its fully upright position to allow the larger boats to easily pass. That said, vehicle traffic across the bridge remains off-limits until further notice.
The NJ Department of Transportation said special engineers have been alerted to “evaluate the situation”. Until the much-needed repairs are determined and made, the once easily accessible option to pass from Belmar to Avon will remain closed.

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Detours are in place redirecting motorists to use the Ocean Avenue Belmar Bridge, or the Route 35 overpass, which is a much more convent option leaving from the Main Street Belmar area.

Good thing it's "Local Summer"!

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