When news broke back in 2015 of lead contamination in Flint Michigan’s drinking water I was shocked and saddened.  How could this be in the 21st century that we are still dealing with lead in water?

I thought that danger was far behind us in this day in age.

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Well of course it is not behind us.  So much so that Governor Murphy signed into law a new bill a bill forcing “water utilities to replace all lead pipes providing drinking water within the next decade.”

Gov. Phil Murphy signs legislation
Gov. Phil Murphy signs legislation (Edwin J. Torres/New Jersey Governor's Office via AP)

In the press release from the bill signing on July 22, 2021, Doug O’Malley, director of Environment New Jersey, said,

“Lead service lines have been a silent threat in our communities for generations, tainting drinking water and harming the most vulnerable populations – pregnant women and young children. Thousands of children suffer from elevated levels of lead across the state – and countless others have lead in their blood – which has direct developmental impacts.  More than two years after Gov. Murphy committed to a comprehensive action plan to reduce lead poisoning, this package of bills is a huge step forward toward eliminating lead as a public health menace."

The new initiative couldn’t come soon enough.

via Google maps
via Google maps

The Board of Education in Middletown has revealed 12 of 16 of its school districts have tested positive for lead in the drinking water.

School officials sent out letters alerting the community of their findings a few days before the first day of school on September 10.  Adding insult to injury, that first school day had already been delayed due to the finding of mold.

According to the Asbury Park Press, "action" was swiftly taken and remedies applied.  The unsafe locations were turned off and clearly marked “unsafe to drink”.  Plus, water filters were brought in and installed.

The letters stated that the district had "identified and tested all drinking water and food preparation outlets.”  And "turned off the outlet unless it is determined the location must remain on for non-drinking purposes.”

Last year, the Murphy administration amended and readopted safe drinking water regulations. The Department of Educations’ website states schools must "test for lead in drinking water every three years beginning with the 2021-2022 school year.”

This most recent test is a product of that regulation.  Thank goodness!


Contaminated water should also be off-limits to our furry friends.  Make sure you are providing clean drinking water to your pets.

Just because,

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