It's no secret that politicians are funded by huge lobbies, whether it's guns or tobacco or whatever.

With the recent tragedy in Florida, the public seems to be taking an even closer look than usual at exactly what organizations are funding the campaigns of their local politicians. I got introduced to Resist Bot when the FCC overturned Net Neutrality, but they continue to bring up new ways to keep the average person involved in politics.

Now, you can text "NRA" to 50409 to find out how your local representatives benefited from NRA funding.


Now, before you rant, just keep in mind that while Menendez and Booker are Democrats, Chris Smith is a Republican. So don't try to blame things on either party.

As always, no one here at the Hawk or Townsquare Media is trying to sway you. We all have our own political stances ranging across the spectrum, and it's our right to talk about how we feel (that little First Amendment thing). I don't post things trying to convince people who they should or shouldn't vote for, I'm just posting this in hopes that people remember that politicians are elected to represent the people, not the corporations.

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