Breakfast food just hits differently, doesn't it?

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Especially when you know that after breakfast you're either hitting the beach for the day, strolling the boardwalk, or maybe even hitting a water park.

I love going out for breakfast, it's the best type of food and it's reasonably priced for the most part.

Photo by charlesdeluvio on Unsplash
Photo by charlesdeluvio on Unsplash

Before becoming a full-time resident in Jersey, I'd spend summers at the beach, and my dad and I would get breakfast all the time.

Some of our favorite spots were the Southville Corner Restaurant in Denis Township, Dyonisus in Woodbine, and the Bayside Cafe in Lavallette.

I was surprised however when I moved to Seaside Heights at the lack of diners and breakfast places.

Don't get me wrong, there are spots to go for a quick breakfast but compared to the rest of Ocean County, there wasn't a ton in Seaside Heights.

Photo by Carson Foreman on Unsplash
Photo by Carson Foreman on Unsplash

That being said, there's one place I saw over the summer that always had a line up the door, and the smell of freshly cooked bacon, omelets, and flap jacks could be smelled from the end of the block.

It's the kind of place you could go to fill up for the long day ahead or try to calm your stomach after a long night out.

And sadly, it looks like this place is getting ready to close up shop for good.

Bobber's Restaurant In Seaside Heights NJ Is For Sale

Have you ever been before?

The food was amazing, the portions were great and from what I've read, the service was fantastic.

Last night as I was going for a walk I spotted the signs hung on the building

Photo Credit: Buehler
Photo Credit: Buehler

For sale.

I'm kicking myself for not getting here, according to several trip advisor reviews they had some of the best pancakes and french toast in Seaside Heights!

What Should Replace Bobber's?

With Bobber's closing up, it opens up the question; what should go in its place?

Bobber's was here for over twenty years, so it'll be hard for another breakfast joint to replace it.

On their Facebook page, they thanked their loyal customers but a reason for the sale was not available.

What would you want to see where Bobber's stood at the intersection of Sherman and Boulevard?

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