If Jersey Shore skies are clear Thursday night (11/21), it is possible that we might be able to view a rare meteor storm that could produce several visible meteors per minute.

If it does happen, It's going to be quick. It will only last for about an hour or so between 11 p.m and midnight.

This all has to do with the upcoming alpha Monocerotid meteor.

According to Accuweather:

There is a chance that the upcoming alpha Monocerotid meteor shower could turn into an all-out meteor storm on the night of Nov. 21, according to Esko Lyytinen and Peter Jenniskens, two meteor scientists who have been studying the meteor shower.

There is a lot of other factors that are involved which is too much for my brain to handle, but I get the impression that if the meteor storm does happen, it could be awesome

Click HERE to read more about the meteor storm from Accuweather

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