Watch a Rocket Launch Tonight Over the Jersey Shore
NASA's Wallops Flight Facility will be launching a rocket from their base in Virginia tonight at 9:16 p.m. On the NASA Facebook page, they are starting a live feed of the launch at 8:45 p.m
The Antares rocket and Cygnus spacecraft will be launched on a resupply mission to the International Space…
Orionid Meteor Shower Happening in October Over Jersey Skies
It's hard to believe that it is already October!! This year has absolutely flown by and it's not stopping.
A great way to kick off the month of October is with dazzling meteor showers all month long. Hopefully, we will get some nice clear nights to possibly see it
The Orionid Meteor Shower produces fi…
Check Out The Best Time To See Fall Foliage in New Jersey
Even though I am a huge fan of Summer, and I don't like the weather to get cooler, I can definitely appreciate the beauty of the leaves turning each year.
While many people travel upstate or head west for a weekend day trip just to see the fall foliage, you will most likely still find me doing f…

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