Every former alien abductee is having their "Randy Quaid in Independence Day" moment right now with former Israeli number one space guy (actual title: Head of Israel's Defense Ministry's space directorate) Haim Eshed confirming the existence of the "Galactic Federation" in an interview with Yediot Aharonot, an Israeli newspaper. Eshed says that the little green men are curious about the universe and have been working with American astronauts on an underground Mars base. Why not tell us? Eshed says that certain US officials wanted to divulge the information, but those shy li'l aliens are worried that humanity isn't ready to know the truth, and seeing as my reaction to seeing any confusing insect is to internally scream like a girl and kill it, they're probably right.

Why is he getting more traction than your average tinfoil hat YouTuber? Mr. Eshed does have a little bit of credibility, considering they don't usually allow absolute crackerjacks to run the space programs of influential nations for nearly 3 decades. In the interview, he even mentions his degrees and accreditations as a reason for us to believe him. And you know what? I do. Not because it makes sense. Not because it's believable. But because like Fox Mulder, "I want to believe." Sure you'll see plenty of *very* serious sources telling you how this is impossible, but hey...they locked up Galileo, right? Ending 2020 with our first steps towards a Star Trek TNG utopia? I'm into it. How about you? Are you ready to take some little three eyed creep to your leader? Or is this just a fancy version of Cletus telling his buddies at the Walker Inn about the lights in the sky?

Mike Krenek
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