Aliens Exist! (Maybe)
Every former alien abductee is having their "Randy Quaid in Independence Day" moment right now with former Israeli number one space guy (actual title: Head of Israel's Defense Ministry's space directorate) Haim Eshed confirming the existence of the "Galactic Federation"…
[WATCH] UFO Spotted Over New Jersey??? No!
I don't know if we as a society are losing our minds together or not, but people up in North Jersey did something yesterday that kind of seems that we are.
Drivers on Route 9 and Route 21, stopped driving to get out of their cars to look at what they believed was a visit from aliens in a spaceship
UFO Sightings Reported in Ocean County in 2018
Most people are pretty confident that we are not the only ones in our universe. Some people are fairly certain that they have actually seen a UFO. Some people claim they have been abducted by aliens
In 2018, New Jersey had 51 instances of people calling 911 reporting a UFO sighting...