Let me answer my own headline question quickly and succinctly: NO. This video does NOT show a UFO hovering over Atlantic City.

My coworker Chris found this video on YouTube from the totally credible-sounding "Mr. X Hitman" that allegedly shows an unidentified flying object in the sky over Atlantic City. WARNING: NSFW LANGUAGE.

Don't get me wrong, I believe we're not alone in the universe, but in this specific example, it's just a case of mistaken identity.

You've probably noticed a bright light in the sky lately, and a slightly dimmer one to the left. Those bright spots are Jupiter and Saturn. There are plenty of free apps you can download that will identify things in the sky - I use SkyView, personally. Just aim your phone at what you see, and it will clearly show you what is up there. Odds are, that's just Jupiter.


Mr. X Hitman's claim that there are no stars in the sky is iffy...I mean, he's not on the boardwalk in Atlantic City, but just being close to that area would clearly create some light pollution, and stars wouldn't shine as bright as a planet. You may say "but the light seems to be blinking on and off in the video!", but Chris already rebutted that by pointing out that the camera is behind some a screen, so even just a slight movement of the camera or of Mr. X Hitman's hand could cause the spot to be blocked.

Also, come on man, it's a freakin iPhone video! Just watch the houses at the bottom of the video, and you can see how shaky Mr. X Hitman's hand is. Add in the fact that iPhones have notoriously bad zoom, it all just adds up to poor quality video.

And don't UFOs usually move? What makes a UFO video fun is seeing something zip across the sky faster than a plane would, or to see an array of lights in a pattern that doesn't match any constellation, or literally anything other than just sit there in the same spot.

As much as I do believe we are not the only life in the universe, the more I learn about space, the more I believe we will not make contact. Fermi's Paradox goes into way more detail, but be prepared to take a deep dive and maybe have an existential crisis before you click that link.

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