Check Out The Best Time To See Fall Foliage in New Jersey
Even though I am a huge fan of Summer, and I don't like the weather to get cooler, I can definitely appreciate the beauty of the leaves turning each year.
While many people travel upstate or head west for a weekend day trip just to see the fall foliage, you will most likely still find me doing f…
Rare Comet Will be Visible From Ocean County Next Week
A newly discovered comet named "NEOWISE" will be seen by the naked eye in the evening hours starting next week.
According to Accuweather:
Stargazers have the opportunity to spot a rare object in the sky this month as a newly discovered comet flies through the inner solar system for t…
Eta Aquarids Annual Meteor Shower Peaks Tonight
Hopefully, the clouds will stay away tonight for the peak of the annual Eta Aquarids meteor shower taking place tonight through early morning tomorrow before sunrise.
According to AccuWeather Astronomy Blogger Dave Samuhel:
“This shower happens to be one of if not the best in the Southern Hemisp…
Orionid Meteor Shower Happening Next Week Over Jersey Skies
If the skies are clear next Monday and Tuesday night  (Oct. 21 & Oct. 22) look to the stars where the Orionid meteor shower will reach its peak.
According to AccuWeather, The best time to view the shower is after midnight where the showers regularly produce an hourly rate of 20-25 meteor…