Attention allergy sufferers: It's time to stock up on boxes of tissues. Ragweed pollen levels in New Jersey are supposed to be nasty the next couple months.

Watery eyes, stuffy nose, sneezing, congestion. It's likely on the horizon for you the rest of October and November if you're sensitive to ragweed.

According to AccuWeather, an 'explosion' of ragweed pollen is in progress now and over the next several weeks, reports.

Pollen levels will reportedly be at their highest in the Garden State come late October. Yay! I ADORE post-nasal drip and having to keep a hanky in the pockets of every jacket I own.

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Combined with an uptick in dust mites and mold spores, ragweed pollen will make for an uncomfortable fall allergy season, experts warn.

Ug, we'll just have to wait until the first freeze of the fall or winter season to squash it.

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