A newly discovered comet named "NEOWISE" will be seen by the naked eye in the evening hours starting next week.

According to Accuweather:

Stargazers have the opportunity to spot a rare object in the sky this month as a newly discovered comet flies through the inner solar system for the first time in 6,800 years.

If skies are clear and conditions are favorable, the comet can actually be seen currently in the early morning hours around 4 a.m before the sun rises.

Starting next week, and throughout the month of July, the best time to view the comet will be in the evening looking towards the Northwest around the area of the Big Dipper.

According to NASA,  “Its closest approach to Earth will be on July 22, at a distance of about 64 million miles (103 million kilometers). For comparison, the sun is about 93 million miles from Earth".

The comet was discovered in early March by scientists, and they say it is already brighter then Haley's Comet back in the mid-'80s.

The comet will appear to look like a fuzzy star with a faint tail.

Click HERE to read more about Comet NEOWISE, and to see pictures of what it looks like when photographed with the right exposure.

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