It gets me angry when I'm walking on the boardwalk (with or without my dog) and I see a pile of dog crap just laying there.

Part of being a pet owner is to be responsible. If you're taking your dog for a walk, make sure you have a bag or scooper to clean up after your pet. And, even if you forget to take one from home, go find something to use and go back to clean the mess up.

It bothers me that people can be so selfish, and because of this, they ruin it for others.

There is nothing better than walking your dog up on the boardwalk on a beautiful day. The dogs love it too! They get to socialize with other dogs as well

But no...Police in Point Pleasant Beach are increasing patrols on the boardwalk cracking down on people walking their dogs up there: all because of some people who can't do the right thing and clean up after their pet.

They write this on their Facebook page:

This department is aware of the on going issue with dogs on the boardwalk. We share in the public's concern with this issue and the subsequent issue of dog feces left out in the open. We share in the public's disgust and outrage that someone would allow this to occur. The public should expect to see extra patrols on the boardwalk and they have been directed to actively enforce our ordinance, which bans dogs on the boardwalk. The boardwalk is meant for people to walk and enjoy the beauty of the Ocean. Please come and enjoy this beautiful boardwalk, but leave your pets at home. Please contact this department if you observe any violation of this ordinance.

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