17 Year Old Logan Maarberg is a Cancer patient and is also under the care of Ocean of Love. She took a video camera with her on one of the visits to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. She was diagnosed with Cancer when she was 15 years old when a Cancerous cyst was found on one of her ovaries.She has been on treatment for almost two years.

She wanted to share just what it is that she goes through on a typical visit to the hospital. This hospital visit lasted almost SEVEN HOURS!

In this video, you'll see what she has to go through more times than any of us could possibly imagine

The Ocean of Love Billboard kicks off Monday, October 23rd at 5p.  I will be living high atop the Billboard in the Target/Lowes Shopping Center on Hooper Ave in Toms River.

Once again our goal is to raise $105,700 for Ocean of Love to help families whose kids have Cancer in Ocean County

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