We're officially halfway through our journey here at the Ocean of Love Billboard Radiothon, and the emotions are only running higher.

Today we got the chance to see a dream fulfilled for one of Ocean of Love's kids, a high school sophomore from Toms River named Paige.

Paige missed her past year of high school after being diagnosed with brain cancer. Now that the radiation and chemo treatments are over, Paige can look forward to her future. She told us she wanted to be a photographer but "doesn't think it could happen because cameras are so expensive," so she'd be a pediatric nurse instead.

Later on, Paige would see that dream happen: a donation was dropped off solely for her - $1500 - to buy a camera (along with another $500 for Ocean of Love).

We had more visitors today - Kayla and Maggie. At only 11 and 12 years old, the girls sold cookies, iced tea, lemonade, bracelets, and keychains to raise money for Ocean of Love. Their donation? $665. While girls their age are thinking about buying a new pair of jeans or the next movie they'd like to go to with their friends, this pair showed us what "Kids Helping Kids" really means. They could've put that money towards college, instead they used it for someone that needs it now.

It was certainly a heavy day, but Lovely Christina showed up to shine a little light on the Billboard (Andy was happy about that)!

 Glamour Ride (an interactive traveling party), Howard Bender the Caricaturist, and Gamin' Ride (a mobile interactive entertainment center loaded with video games) came out to support the cause as well!

Three days down, only two to go.