You probably had a lot of dates circled on your summer calendar. Concerts, festivals, fairs...and all those circles now have a big red X through them.

The Ocean County Fair - nope. The Monmouth County Fair - nuh uh. The Stone Pony Summerstage - wiped clean. SeaHearNow - See you next year.

The latest to be added to the list of cancellations is the State Fair Meadowlands (which technically is a different event from New Jersey State Fair, which was cancelled back in May).

Interestingly, based on the wording of that post, the organizers of the Fair wanted to host the event this year, but the state shot them down. It seems like in most cases, organizers made the decision themselves, based on the safety of fans and performers and vendors and staff.

If smaller county fairs were being cancelled, it only makes sense that a larger-scale state fair would be forced to cancel as well. I would assume that most people would want to avoid large crowds this summer anyway, but then we still hear stories about packed bars and clubs and beaches, so what do I know?

It does seem like more things are cancelled or postponed than still happening this year, and the best we can do is wait until next year. Keep your mask on, stay away from people, don't let the numbers spike, keep the curve flat, and hopefully I'll see you at the Ocean County Fair in 2021.

You can keep an eye on any updates by following the State Fair Meadowlands on Facebook.

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