It's shocking to me, as I learn that there are so many people still not vaccinated.  Politics aside, it doesn’t make any sense to me.  It also worries me that this new surge of infections could get out of control and lead to a dangerous fall and winter.

What an amazing feeling to take off the mask and return to a somewhat normal lifestyle the past few months.  The last thing I want to do is put that mask back on.

But I am when I enter a store.  I may even put it back on more frequently in the office.

If that's the case we might as well wear a mask we can agree with...

One of these masks would be cool, right?

Check out these hand-made masks...

Home-made Covid19 Mask Designs

The protection I received from the 2 doses of Pfizer is giving me peace of mind.  However, if a third shot is needed to boost my immune system from new strains of Covid19, I am standing in that line too.

If you received your second dose of the Moderna and Pfizer Covid19 vaccine, at least 8 months ago, you will soon be able to receive that third injection.

The additional shot is a booster, designed to add a layer of protection from the Delta variant that is rampant across the United States and in the state of New Jersey.

I anticipate this to be the normal annual routine.  Similar to how we treat the flu shot.

In fact, Ocean County Commissioner Gerry P. Little recently announced, residents of Ocean County could start lining up as soon as September 20, 2021.

Those whose immune systems are compromised are already eligible for the 3rd shot.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are hopeful the Johnson & Johnson booster will be approved as well.

Health officials are convinced the uptick in hospitalizations is a direct result of the Delta variant and unvaccinated people.

David Wohl, a specialist in infectious diseases at the University of North Carolina, is convinced it's the result of the new variant and "unvaxed" citizens.

“It’s absolutely due to delta; it’s absolutely due to unvaccinated people."

Health officials in New Jersey are looking into reopening the Mega Sites to administer the boosters.

The Mega site at the Moorestown Mall in Burlington County is where I received my vaccination.  As I wrote in a previous article, I was pleasantly surprised how efficiently the health workers, volunteers, and the NJ National Guard all worked in concert together.

It was a wonderful experience during a moment of anxiety, fear, and the unknown.  Their combined efforts made me feel proud and safe.

I hope the new round of the NJ mega-site operations is equally stress-free.

And hopefully, everyone is still washing their hands.  Don't get lazy.  And wipe things down too.

Well, not everything can be cleaned with disinfectant.

Don't Use Disinfecting Wipes On These Items

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