Did you visit one of these New Jersey megasites to receive your shots? As the six locations are getting ready to close, perhaps you’ll join me and offer a BIG “Thank you”. Thank you to the over 100 volunteers, National Guard troops, FEMA workers, and Health workers for your dedicated efforts. The Moorestown NJ Megasite operated like a well-oiled machine.

We often overlook “the art of gratitude” in our normal daily routine of life. That routine dramatically changed 13 months ago. As the numbers of people contracting Covid-19 and dying increased through this past year, it became more of a challenge to feel grateful, especially if you were directly affected by those statistics. Studies show the power of counting your blessings, finding silver linings, and smelling the roses are not just clichés, but activities that may enhance your quality of life, potentially lowering your risk of mental health issues, increasing your immune system, and better self-esteem.  Ironically, these important characteristics could also place you in a lower risk category for Covid-19.  Feeling grateful has been a wonderful coping mechanism for me through these times, especially as I waited for my opportunity to receive the vaccine.

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That is why it is important to offer praise to those making this process less of a burden. Through your polite, compassionate, organized, patient, and very efficient coordination, the Moorestown megasite has hit a milestone of 200,000 doses in just 3 months' time. Everyone that has experienced your welcoming process, including myself, has had nothing but high praise. An emotional reaction not lost, as we continue to navigate through this tumultuous event.

Thank you for selflessly working to improve the health and safety of our community.

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