It's been a crazy summer (duh) and unfortunately I have not been able to make it out to the Six Flags Great Adventure Wild Safari. I've been a fan of the safari for a long time, and I was excited when Six Flags announced they would let visitors drive through in their own cars again, just like the old school way.

I did make it down to the Cape May Zoo to see their new baby zebra, but I still need to go to Great Adventure to see the new lion cubs, Heather and Julie - and now I need to see their newest baby giraffe!

The Safari released a statement saying the animal care team is welcomed the fourth giraffe born in the past year. The calf named Sierra was born on June 2, 2020 and recently ventured into the Wilde Plains section of the safari for the first time. She was led by her mother, Muraya, and has already interacted with ten different species of African animals, including white bearded gnu (also known as blue wildebeest), eland, and blackbuck.

Safari Veterinarian Dr. Ken Keiffer said Sierra is already about 6 feet tall and weighs 200lbs, and will grow to be about 18 feet and 1,500 pounds.

Giraffes are one of my wife and oldest daughter's favorite animals, so I think the chance of scoping out a baby one means I will have to get to the Great Adventure Wild Safari before the end of summer!

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