We know that Great Adventure is set to allow visitors by reservation only, but one of the common questions was what was happening with the Safari - and now we have an answer!

I couldn't believe it was SEVEN YEARS AGO that I got to be one of the first riders on the new Safari Off Road Adventure at Great Adventure. For the longest time, you were able to drive your own car through the safari, but the Off Road Adventure put you on a truck with a group of people. It was a different experience; I know we liked to take our own car so we could move at our own pace, but the new style got you closer to the animals, which was cool.

Now, since you obviously can't maintain social distance with 30 people sitting on a truck, they've brought back the drive-thru!

You're still going to have to make a reservation, but the park hasn't set up the process yet.

Thanks to my animal-loving coworker Nicole for the heads up!

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