I got a chance to be one of the first people to check out the new revamped safari experience at Great Adventure, see some great pix here!

Last year a lot of us were disappointed to hear the Safari at Great Adventure was closing, but there were quick rumors that the entire thing was being updated and improved.

Instead of visitors driving themselves through the safari, you are now taken with a group of about thirty others on a huge truck designed to give optimal views from every angle. The truck takes you into a more natural environment, with the animals given more freedom to roam and run free.

Obviously the lions and tigers and bears (nope, I won't make that joke) are behind cages or fences, but even the bear fences come surprisingly close to the road. The other animals like antelopes, zebras, and giraffes have the ability to get face-to-face with the riders.

The entire trip ran over an hour, with a stop in "Camp Aventura" to get off the truck, stretch your legs, and see a small exhibit including an 18-foot python.

Today was pretty chilly and rainy, but most of the animals didn't seem to mind. Thanks to Kristin and the team from Great Adventure for letting me check everything out!  See all my pix below!

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