While they haven't announced an official Opening Day, Six Flags Great Adventure says they plan to open in 2020 - but with a big twist.

Great Adventure made the announcement on their website:

IMPORTANT: ALL VISITORS (INCLUDING PASS HOLDERS AND MEMBERS) WILL NEED TO MAKE ADVANCE RESERVATIONS TO VISIT ONCE WE RE-OPEN. To meet state social distancing guidelines and ensure the health and safety of our guests, all visits to the park must be pre-scheduled using our online reservation system. Check back here for details.

I think this is a pretty bold move on the part of Six Flags, but I also love it! While people would usually be able to maintain social distance while walking around the park, there's no way to keep people separate in line or on a ride. With a much smaller number of people admitted every day, it will be easier to mark off six foot gaps in the ride lines and keep people standing there, and it will be easier to fill rides to half-capacity.

I will say I'm surprised that Great Adventure went with this plan, because they'll obviously lose a ton of money. Not only that, there are going to be countless Karens whining about how they couldn't get a reservation for their kid's birthday or whatever. It'll be interesting to see how quickly the days get booked once Great Adventure unveils their reservation plan.

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