Kiss' iconic song 'Beth' has become the focus of a hilarious new parody that plays out the song as if it were actually happening.   Many songs are written from experiences or moments that play out in the lyrics. But what if someone took those lyrics and acted them out in a parody? Then it just becomes hilarious!

A group called "Anonymous Content" created a 70's-themed piece using the lyrics of the legendary Kiss hit to show what would actually happen if drummer Peter Criss had to call home and tell "Beth" he was going to be late.

The clip starts with the disclaimer, "This is historically inaccurate tale of the song's inspiration." The first scene opens with an actor portraying Peter Criss being summoned to the phone during a recording session in the studio. The woman on the other end says "It's Beth and I'm just wondering when you're going to be home because I'm making meatloaf." To which the impersonating Criss presumably replies "Just a few more hours and I'll be right home to you."

As Criss' fellow band members grow restless of waiting they start calling out to him. While Criss says he understands Beth's feelings, the boys will be up all night playing and "What can he do?"

"Well," she says, "you could finish up the damn song and come home."

Check out the entire hysterical bit below.

BETH from anonymous content on Vimeo.