I LOVE going out to eat, I mean, I love cooking and a home-cooked meal, but the idea of going to a restaurant and just ordering whatever dish you're in the mood for, is my speed. I feel like when I cook at home, I've already eaten the meal once I'm finished making it.... does that make sense?

Keith and I go out often, usually, 3 times a week. I think we have many local fantastic restaurants around Ocean County, and honestly, I don't even want to share them with you, because I don't want them to be crowded, but there are a few spots that are well deserved for everyone to know about.

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Let's start with the Windward Tavern on Princeton Avenue in Brick. I've never had a bad meal there, whether it's an app, a sandwich, or a dinner! They have everything from chicken, meat, and fish dishes to delicious sandwiches. The servers are fantastic, what I consider smiley people. It's very cozy inside and lives up to its name, TAVERN! There are also daily specials, lots of different beers, and seasonal cocktails too!

Windward Tavern inside

Another one is McIntyre's on Hooper Avenue in Toms River. Again, never had a bad meal, servers are always nice and smiley. Next is the Waterfront in Forked River (the old Latitudes / Joey Harrison's). Great food including fresh sushi! The restaurant is very big and in warmer months, has a really nice outside area on the river and entertainment.

These restaurants are great, but we need some new places to go! Share with me your top favorite restaurants...I promise I'll check them out!!





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