My heart goes out to all those who were effected by Hurricane Ian.

This storm tore through areas of Cuba and Florida leaving towns under water and crocodiles swimming in the streets, according to

That five-day stretch of nonstop rain was unforgettable and not in a good way.

Satellite image of Hurricane Dorian
Satellite image of Hurricane Dorian (NHC)

My dog, Carolina, went so stir crazy she was running in circles in my living room by day 4.

It took some time but rainfall totals for all New Jersey towns from Hurricane Ian has finally been tabulated. Let's put it this way, we all could have probably swam to work instead of driven.

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If you had to guess, how much total rainfall do you think your specific town received? Four or maybe five inches?

For some areas of New Jersey, yes.

For others, the total rainfall tally is nearly double. Seriously, grab your floaties.

arrfoto, Getty Stock, ThinkStock
arrfoto, Getty Stock, ThinkStock

There is a silver lining. These high levels of rainfall have officially taken us out of our emergent drought situation. It won't all be fixed after one storm but it was a huge help.

"This is as close to a drought buster as you can get," said David Robinson, the state climatologist at Rutgers University according to "You really couldn't have dialed up something better than how this played out."

"This happened over a five-day period so it soaked into the ground," Robinson said, noting it likely saved the state from major flooding issues . "If not busting the drought it's putting a major dent in it with minimal inconvenience."

If you head to, you can check the rainfall totals for all of New Jersey.

Some of the most intense numbers for outside of the Jersey Shore include:

Winslow Township - 6.48 Inches

Hamilton Township - 6.56 Inches

Woodbine - 6.53 inches 

Any guesses on which town received the most? Your hint is that this lucky town is in Monmouth County.

Let's take a look at rainfall totals for towns in Monmouth & Ocean Counties.

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Do you remember those five days of rain we got? How much do you think we received in total in New Jersey? 

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