There are certain songs when infused with a some heavy guitar riffs, pounding drums and screaming vocals, just become awesome. Here's one of those songs. The movie 'Grease' is an all-time favorite musical. It has some classic songs that still stand the test of time today. One of those songs is 'You're the One That I Want." John Travolta and Olivia Newton John made that a classic that Grease fans still enjoy dancing and singing too all these years later like they were still in school.

Well, one group wanted to pay homage to the classic hit by creating an awesome heavy metal version of the song. The band is called Tragedy: An All Metal Tribute to the Bee Gee and Beyond. Which, as a side note, how cool is that name right? The band name sounds straight out of the iconic movie 'Spinal Tap.'

Check out the band's awesome heavy metal tribute to the classic Grease song "You're the One That I Want" in the video below. You'll never watch Grease or hear that song quite the same way ever again.

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