It's memorial Day weekend. The (un)official start of summer is here! The beaches are full. The bars and clubs and jumping and there are plenty of things going on everyday. From concerts to car shows, to festivals, etc there is never a shortage of activities.

Every website seems to ask "what are you doing this weekend"? and "What are your favorite summer activities?", but what I  want to know is, What are your best memories of summer in years past? What was your best summer?

Was it the summer you fell in love? Maybe you didn't fall in love but you lost your virginity. Maybe you just traveled all over the place for a summer. The birth of your kids? Or it was just a non-stop PARTY!

It could be anything, but I want to know about it.

Let us know in the comment box below. In the meantime, enjoy some "Summer Lovin" from the movie  "Grease"  as they sing about their memories of summer.


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