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What is Ocean of Love?
The Ocean of Love “Billboard Radiothon” is just a few days away, and I am asking for your help in helping Ocean County families whose children have cancer.
Please read this letter that I wrote explaining what the radiothon is all about, and why it is so important to make a…
Download and Print the Ocean of Love Radiothon Flyer!
The Ocean of Love Billboard Radiothon is less than 10 days away. The Radiothon kicks off Monday Oct 17th at 5p at the Target/Lowes Shopping Center on Hooper Ave in Toms River, and once again I will be living on a Billboard as we raise money for Ocean of Love...
Ocean of Love Billboard Radiothon is ONE MONTH AWAY!!
The Ocean of Love Billboard Radiothon is one month away!Can you believe that??  It kicks off on Monday October 17th at 3p with the goal once again of raising $105,700 for Ocean of Love who helps families whose children are living with Cancer
Once again, I will be living high atop the "billboard&…
Andy Chase is Locked Up
And I need your help to help bail me out!! It's happening this Friday 4/29 at the Ocean County Mall starting at 12:30. (The dolphin is not coming..She has been cleared of all charges)
I have agreed to get "locked up" to raise money for "Ocean of Love".
Daylight Savings Time Begins This Weekend!
This weekend we are excited over the fact that we will be observing Daylight Saving Time.
This means that the days will stay lighter longer!!! When you go to bed Saturday night, make sure you turn the clocks ahead 1 hour.
You will be quite "thrown-off" when you wake up on Sunday if y…
Trade In Those Unwanted Gift Cards For Porn!!! [NSFW]
Another Christmas is here, and you might not get what you want. Maybe Aunt Ruthy gave you a give card to Starbucks BUT you don't drink coffee. Maybe Grandma Sylvia gave you a Aeropostale gift card, but you don't shop there
Instead of just throwing the card in a drawer and forgetting about i…
Pizza Party at Drum Point Elementary [VIDEO]
Big Thanks to everyone that donated this year for the Ocean of Love Billboard Radiothon!
Together, with your generous donations, we raised over $122,000!!!!
Every year we put out a competition to all the schools to raise the most money for Ocean of Love. The top school will receive an awesome pizza pa…
Final Tally- $121,143
When I came down from the Billboard at the end of the Radiothon on Friday October 23rd, the tally was $119,286. That is a tremendous number!!
Every year after the radiothon is over, people still make donations to Ocean of Love for the next few days, so we wind up with a NEW final tally

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