There are certain things we see all the time in movies, but we never see happen in real life. I guess that's the magic of the movies. here is list of things (in no particular order) of things that you will probably only see on the big screen.
What are some other things that you never see in real life, but you only see in movies? Let us know below in the comment section.

  • Breaking into song at any given moment

    Can you imagine if you were in the mall or just walking on the boardwalk and all of a sudden a "musical number" broke out? I guess you only have two choices. Join in or trip someone

  • Slipping and falling on a banana peel, marbles, etc.

    If one were to slip on banana peel, would the peel have to be skin side up or down? hmmmm

  • Cars flying through the air

    Unless there is a ramp in every intersection, this wouldn't happen. (Maybe in San Francisco actually)

  • Food fights

    It would be fun to be part of one though!

  • Stopping a wedding

    I think you would be pummeled into the ground by the groom or the parents if you had the "cajones" to stop a wedding

  • The slow clap

    Wouldn't it be nice to be the recipient of a slow clap....That means you did good!!!

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