So I was driving to lunch this afternoon, and I saw this guy walking on the side of road dressed in red white and blue, and carrying a huge American Flag.

As I passed him, I honked my horn, and he gave me the thumbs up. As I continued driving, curiosity got the best of me.

I turned the car around to go talk to him.

I drove up to him, and asked if I can take his picture and chat. He said absolutely!

His name is Joe Placente, 84 years old from Toms River, and he is a Korean War Veteran. I asked him why he is doing this, and in a nutshell, he said he is doing this to support our troops currently over seas, and for our military veterans. He also said it's for the love of this country.

He also reminded me that today is "Flag Day". So if you have an American flag, display it proudly today!


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