There aren't many towns doing fireworks shows this weekend. Obviously Lakewood will rock with the "Red, White, and BlueClaws Fireworks Extravaganza" on Friday night, but a majority of towns along the shore, and across the whole state, have either postponed their celebration until a later day (Labor Day weekend is a popular alternative) or just cancelled and are focusing on next year.

After the skies over Lakewood are lit up on Friday July 3rd, Toms River will celebrate on July 4th. Like I said in that post, Shelter Cove is a relatively small area, so residents are going to have to deal with an influx of visitors.

With that in mind, the Toms River Police Department released a statement with everything you need to know about the Shelter Cove Fireworks:

As many towns across the area have cancelled or postponed their 4th of July fireworks displays, in effort to lift spirits and celebrate Independence Day, Sipe Adjustment Group has generously sponsored an event for the residents of our community. The display will begin at nightfall, just after 9:00pm and will take place at Shelter Cove Park on the beach. In an effort to prevent large groups from congregating, to comply with social distancing guidelines, and in recognition of limited parking, we are encouraging residents to pre-plan alternative locations to view the display as it will be widely visible from many locations around town and on the island.

On Saturday July 4, 2020 Shelter Cove beach and bathrooms will be closed at 3:30pm to the general public, and the parking lot closest to the beach must be vacated. There will be increased police, and emergency personnel presence. A safety zone will be designated in the water and will be patrolled by police and fire personnel. The far lot of Shelter Cove will fill very quickly and once full, attendees will be turned away as there is no parking on the grass. Again, we are asking residents to enjoy this display from an alternate location.

We'd like to remind everyone that commercial fireworks are illegal to set off. Please leave commercial displays to trained professionals. We understand celebrations can sometimes be difficult for autistic and special needs children and adults, combat veterans with PTSD, as well as pets. If you live in the immediate neighborhood please take necessary precautions during the display to ensure everyone has a peaceful evening.

There you have it. If you're planning on heading to Shelter Cove early to beat the crowds, just be aware that the bathrooms will close at 3:30pm, and the parking lot will be cleared. There will be plenty of locations from which to view the fireworks show, so just be courteous to the residents, don't crowd their streets and park your car on lawns or blocking driveways.

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