Your options to see a fireworks show at the Jersey Shore are getting slimmer and slimmer every day.

If you're in the area of Lakewood, you can catch the Red White & BlueClaws Fireworks Extravaganza. You can head to Shelter Cove in Toms River for a show, but that will likely be packed like sardines.

Maybe you were planning on heading a bit further south, as Cape May County has seen a much smaller number of COVID cases than north and central Jersey. If Wildwood was on your agenda, you'll need to scratch that off, because the town has axed their fireworks celebration.

Mayor Pete Byron said:

Wildwood is ready, willing and able to produce a spectacular fireworks show. However, as we’ve seen with the delay of opening indoor dining this week, the public is not adequately following COVID-19 public safety rules such as social distancing. We can’t take a chance that Wildwood sees a spike in cases and shuts down our businesses who have already suffered immensely due to closures.

This is what happens when you don't listen! Trust me, I'm not just some government sycophant who blindly obeys everything they tell me - what I am, though, is aware that it pays to just smile and nod at those who make the rules. The government can make things a lot harder if it really wanted to, so if you just wear your effing mask and don't crowd the bars, things will ease up. If people continue to pack into bars and clubs, they are just going to continue to move the goalposts, prevent reopenings, and make everything miserable. Again, this isn't an argument about whether or not the government should allow businesses to open, this is an argument about the fact that they are making the rules, and if we want to have our bars and restaurants open, they are going to have the final word. You can scream and yell at Governor Murphy all you want, but as long as he's in charge, this is it. Vote him out next time if you really want, but until then, just wear a damn mask.

Sorry for the semi-political rant. Be safe!

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