I was driving into the station sometime last week, and of course, on the way in was listening to our morning show 'Free Beer and Hot Wings'. Dumber than the show trivia was on, and one of the questions asked was ‘What is the only mammal that can’t jump?’ No one was able to figure it out, and I’ll admit the answer surprised me as well.

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Elephants. Elephants are the only mammal that can’t jump. My first thought was a whale, realizing later that whales do indeed jump, they jump out of the water. Fast forward to the end of the day when I was grabbing a beer at the sawmill enjoying a cool night, and swiping through videos of baby elephants on Tik Tok, thanks Free Beer.

Credit: Kaffeebart via Unsplash
Credit: Kaffeebart via Unsplash

That’s when I stumbled onto a really cool account, that showed a different side of New Jersey that I hadn’t seen before.

Tik Tok user @vintage.newjersey uploads a ton of vintage footage from throughout New Jersey history, from the ‘30s to the ‘90s there are a lot of great videos showcasing what it was like to live in or visit the Garden State and our beaches over the past 100 years or so. One video really stood out to me, especially after having elephants on my mind all day.

Sometime back in the ’30s, a group of elephants was released onto the beaches of Atlantic City to enjoy the Atlantic Ocean and it may be one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a while!


The only elephant I’ve ever seen at the Jersey Shore is Lucy, and something tells me she isn’t one to go take a dip in the ocean any time soon! Be sure to follow TikTok user @vintage.newjersey if you haven’t already because there is nothing more fun than taking a trip down memory lane at the Jersey Shore!

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