Just a heads up, this video is technically NSFW (which is why we're linking it, not including it in this post). You don't see anything more than a pale butt, but just to be safe, don't let your boss see you watching it. [UPDATE: as some pointed out, you can see more than just the butt...I guess I wasn't looking that closely.]

On Saturday, the video made the rounds on social media. Even my sister in Arizona texted me to ask if I had seen it. It was a perfectly bizarre moment, especially since the man didn't seem to be under any sort of duress, he wasn't acting oddly other than the fact that he had no clothes on. He was even wearing sandals, which leads you to believe he walked out the door with the intent of taking a nice stroll around town.

Brick Police caught up with the man, and took him to the hospital for a mental health evaluation. His identity was not released. Any jokes aside, we hope the guy gets the help he needs.

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