I have a weird relationship with fireballs. That sounds strange, but I'm not sure how else to describe it. I have an affinity for all forms of "celestial excitement", so my eyes are always towards the sky, looking for anything. Over the past few years, there seems to be many more reports of fireballs spotted streaking across the sky over New Jersey (May of 2016, October of 2017, January of 2019, July of 2019).

I have actually submitted a few reports of my own to the American Meteor Society, but never gotten any sort of confirmation that many people (or even a single one) saw what I did.

Just once, I want to see a clear, unobstructed, sustained, indisputable fireball - is it that much to ask? My coworker Justin Louis @ WOBM has the same desire as me, but unfortunately, we both missed out on seeing a fireball this past weekend.

USA Today said the fireball was seen across New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania on Sunday night, November 8th. Sightings were even reported in Washington, DC, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Delaware, Maryland, New Hampshire, Vermont, West Virginia and Québec.

What really drives me crazy is that the witnesses in the USA Today article were in places right near me! That video above comes from Lakewood, where I used to live; one other witness was driving near Toms River, and another one was standing in a parking lot in Toms River.

According to the American Meteor Society, there are three active meteor showers right now - the Southern Taurids, the Northern Taurids, and the Leonids. There should be plenty of activity, so you better believe my eyes will be on the skies.

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