Pizza has been a very hot topic these last few days.

This past weekend was the 2nd Annual Jersey Pizza Bowl where the top pizzeria in New Jersey was crowned (and yes, the winner is from the Jersey Shore) and yesterday was National Pizza Day!

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But now, thanks to not one...but TWO recent pizza-related posts, I'm insulted in defense of the Jersey Shore....this is not gonna be pretty.

One comes from and the other is from pizza extraordinaire -- or at least he WAS -- David Portnoy.

First, let's start with the obnoxious post that at least acknowledges the Jersey Shore and our amazing pizza. posted a map of New Jersey - which I will show you in a moment - highlighting the best pizza pies in the state. You would think that this would be Monmouth & Ocean County's time to shine  but....and it's a big BUT...only one Jersey Shore pizzeria made this list.

Obnoxious....I know.

The lucky pizzeria to make the list is Brooklyn Square Pizzeria in Jackson. They also have locations in Manalapan and Toms River.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The pizza pie being recommended is the Upside Down Square.

According to their website, it is a pizza pie with, "fresh mozzarella, [their] homemade sauce and a layer of Pecorino Romano cheese on [their] thick and airy crust." 

Sounds delightful if you ask me. We got in touch with Brooklyn Square so you could see first-hand what this highly recommended pizza is all about:

From Orlando at Brooklyn Square Pizza
From Orlando at Brooklyn Square Pizza

Wow. Now that is a pizza worth trying.

I just wish other Jersey Shore pizzerias were listed alongside Brooklyn Square because we deserve it.

Do you know any other pizzerias who would be worthy of being acknowledged on this map?

Before you answer, hold that thought because I am about to add insult to injury.

David Portnoy, known for trying noteworthy pizza all over the country, has released his Top 10 Favorite Pizzerias in the nation and did acknowledge New Jersey...just not the Jersey Shore.

That's right....Mr. Pizza passed over the area of the Garden State with top-notch boardwalk pizza ALL TOGETHER!


So I have a few choice words for AND David Portnoy.

Are you nuts?

Every time I have friends or family visit me at the shore from out of town, stopping for boardwalk pizza is always on their "Things We Must Do" list.

ALL of my friends and family who are obsessed can't be wrong.

I know people don't always have the highest opinion of the Jersey Shore thanks to MTV's Jersey Shore, but maybe you are letting your biases cloud your judgement. We have amazing beaches, amazing boardwalks AND amazing pizza.

I am demanding a recount, a ret-ally, a do over, a second chance, another try....WHATEVER you want to call it because I am just not buying these final results.

How did Maruca's Tomato Pies - who just won the title "Best Pizza in New Jersey" - NOT make the list?

Do you see the hypocrisy here?

Need a place to start for that recount? Here are some of the top pizzeria suggestions at the Jersey Shore and they better be given a fair chance or I'll have more choice words in the future.

Let's start with Monmouth County:

Top Pizza in Monmouth County, NJ

This is your favorite pizza all around Monmouth County, New Jersey.

Okay, now Ocean County:

Top Pizza in Ocean County, NJ

This is your favorite pizza throughout Ocean County, New Jersey.

Did we miss anywhere? Then email me at so I can add them to one of these lists!

Are you curious how New Jersey is better in every other way?

I'm glad you asked.....

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