I am lucky enough to say that I love my job. Unfortunately, not everyone can say that.

Some people cringe when that alarm goes off in the morning and as soon as they wake up they are counting the minutes until their workday is done.

Some people don't like their job but make the best of it however possible whether they set up their office space with their favorite things, or they play music all day while they work to hopefully make the day go by faster.

An awesome video was captured by a home security system yesterday in Keansburg, NJ of three sanitation workers looking like they were having the time of their lives, dancing and singing to the "Cupid Shuffle" while picking up garbage during their route. The music is coming from a boom box duct-taped to the side of the garbage truck

Now I don't know if they love their job that much that all day they feel like dancing around or they are just making the best out of the situation of a job they don't like.

Either way...They are having a great time, and we should all find moments like that at work to have some fun and dance like no one's watching.

Keep on dancing guys. Check out the video

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Andy Chase
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