It feels I have been hearing about this documentary fro a long time now, and it feels like it already aired, but I guess not.

"Class Action Park", a documentary based on Action Park in Vernon, NJ will air on HBO Max this August. The exact date has not been revealed as of this time

As we all remember, Action Park had "rides" that constantly pushed the limits of danger. There was the wave pool, cannonball loop, and of course...the infamous alpine slide that would remove layers of skin if you lost control of your sled going down the track to fast and wiping out.

The documentary covers the dangers of the park and the ride's founder Gene Mulvihill came up with.

Action Park was open for eighteen years from 1978 to 1996. They eventually closed in the mid-90s due to injury lawsuits from park visitors

According to

“Class Action Park,” directed by Porges, a journalist, and filmmaker Chris Charles Scott, examines the history of the park and its storied dangers. A trailer for the film was released in 2019, featuring archival footage of celebrities like Jimmy Kimmel and Johnny Knoxville gleefully recalling the injury-prone establishment.

Check out the trailer for "Class Action Park"

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