New Jersey's roads are always something people are talking about, whether they're locals or just visiting, anyone who drives in Jersey will have an opinion

When I first moved to Jersey, I remember thinking that the roads were absolutely wild.

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Specifically not being able to make a left turn, and having to look for a jughandle.

However, after a few years of being a New Jersey resident, getting around the Garden State is much easier.

That being said, Jersey is home to some pretty dangerous intersections.

Photo by Deb Dowd on Unsplash
Photo by Deb Dowd on Unsplash

When I say dangerous intersections do any in particular come to mind?

For me, my mind immediately goes to Route 166 and Route 9 in Beachwood, or Hooper and Brick Boulevard.

There's just a lot happening at these crossroads, and accidents aren't too uncommon.

Sometimes though, when an intersection is continually a problem, a solution is finally thrown on the table, and that seems to be the case for an intersection in Berkely Township.

What Dangerous Berkley Township Intersection Will See Some Changes?

It's an intersection that's regularly known for causing traffic issues, and thanks to a petition by one local resident it appears as though a traffic light could be in this intersection's future.

Photo by Eliobed Suarez on Unsplash
Photo by Eliobed Suarez on Unsplash

Berkley Patch reports that the intersection of Serpentine Drive and Atlantic City Boulevard has been a problem area for years.

Because of this, the township is looking into doing a traffic study to determine the best route of action.

It could be a traffic light at the intersection, or changing the traffic pattern to prevent people from having to make a dangerous left turn.

Photo by Monica Bourgeau on Unsplash
Photo by Monica Bourgeau on Unsplash

Changes are only in the planning phase, and it could take a few years for anything to come of this, but it's definitely a step in the right direction.

What do you think is the worst intersection in the Garden State?

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