Every year I like to look back at the best movies I watched as part of my [Celluloid Hero] series, but I realized that I never took the time to remember the garbage that I watched. Here are the movies that got the lowest scores of 2018.

I guess it's a good sign that the 5th-worst movie I watched was still good enough to get a 5 out of 10, right?

4 - Legion

Pulling in a 4/10, Legion was all style, no substance.

If I knew this was written by the same woman who wrote 'Twilight', it never would have even made my watch-list.


2 - Okja

The trailer looked interesting, and it came with good recommendations from a coworker, but I hated most of it.


I'm not saying we all need to stop making zombie movies...but let's just ease back a bit, okay?





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