What were the best movies you watched this year? As always, these are my Top 5 movies that I watched and reviewed for [Celluloid Hero] in 2018, not necessarily ones that were released this year.

::I had more than five movies in terms of my 10-point scale, so an Honorable Mention goes to The Light Between Oceans and The Girl On the Train, who both fell just short of the Top 5::


Hoo boy, it seems like I'm in a real minority when it comes to people who loved this movie. What can I say? #sorrynotsorry


4 - RAW

A lovely coming-of-age story, full of pain and pleasure and hunger and horniness. Ah, the French.

I can't believe it took me as long as it did to watch this movie.

I think Andy Kaufman may be one of the most brilliant entertainers ever. I've gone up and down in regards to Jim Carrey lately, but his newfound guru mentality is hitting me in just the right way.

I'm sure I'm biased because of my job, but a documentary about a groundbreaking radio station is a surefire winner for me.




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