New Jersey has a lot of really cool, unique, and interesting places to explore whether you want sunny and fun beach vibes or you want to explore abandoned historic landmarks.

There's something for everyone.

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What I think is amazing is that no matter how long I've been visiting Jersey for vacation, or more recently calling the Garden State home there's always something new to learn.

For example, did you know that Cape May is home to an abandoned World War 2 Bunker that sits right on the beach?

I've been going to Cape May for years, whether it be for weekend trips or day trips, and never knew.

Bunker 223, abandoned new jersey military bunker
Photo Credit: Google Maps

Explore Battery 223; Cape May, NJ's World War 2 Bunker

Located just under a mile from the Cape May Lighthouse according to Shore Local News Battery 223 was completed in 1943.

A part of the Coastal Defense Program, Newsbreak reports that this massive cement structure was never actually used in combat during World War 2 but it was used for drills and boasted some serious firepower.

bunker 223 new jersey, military bunker new jersey, military bunker on the beach new jersey
Photo Credit: Eric Widing via Youtube

Huge six-inch rapid-fire guns that had a range of 15 miles, plus a reinforced frame that could withstand hits from Battleships and aircraft!

Bunker 223 was decommissioned in 1944, and six years later all the guns were dismantled according to Newsbreak.

Now, Bunker 223 sits on a public Beach in Cape May; a strong reminder of the area's military past.

It's also supposedly haunted.

Shore Local News reports that oftentimes people have supposedly spotted ghosts, shadowy figures, and apparitions near Bunker 223 while jogging, or walking along the beach near sundown.

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