Do You Agree? Top Sounds Of Summer At The Jersey Shore
The summer season always brings a smile to my face. As I age, the warmer weather is also rather comforting to my body. Some would argue the Jersey Shore weather tends to get too hot. When it comes to the humidity, I would agree. But I would take a warm climate over a cold climate every day of th…
Thong Bathing Suits - Not For Most
I am all for wearing whatever you're comfortable in, HOWEVER, it also goes hand in hand with dress for your age. There are plenty of young women and older women with killer bodies, and ladies God bless you. But does that mean you should wear whatever you want?
Beautiful Momma Fox And Pups Causing A Stir At Jersey Shore Beach
Every time I log onto Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter I see foxes. They're running the beach, bright and beautifully colored, and being trailed by pups. It is quite the sight, generating (in total) thousands of likes, comments, and shares. Of course, I thought I'd share some with you. …

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