A few months ago, the Lakewood Blueclaws let me be the guest PA Announcer at First Energy Park. I must not have been that terrible, because they let me come back Saturday night.

The 'Claws took on the Kannapolis Intimidators Saturday night. It was raining during the day, so I was worried the game would be called. When I got to the park, the tarp was still on the field.


Luckily the forecast for the night was clear, so a few minutes after I arrived the crew came out to remove the tarp and get the field ready for play.



Last game I didn't have many jolts to my system, but this time I had three foul balls come screaming back towards me. Two of them hit the radio booth to my right, but one smacked the roof directly above us. If you've been to First Energy Park, you know you can hear the crack echo around the park when a foul ball hits the windows of one of the upper-deck suites, but it's a lot louder when it hits five feet from you.

Other than occasionally fearing for my life, I  had a great time. And the icing on the cake was a Blueclaws win, beating the Intimidators 8-5!  So far the Claws have won both games where I was the guest PA, I'll consider myself a good-luck charm.

Thanks to the entire Blueclaws' production staff, I'm looking forward to doing it again!



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