I love secrets! I wish I could say I knew what was going on tonight from the Lakewood BlueClaws, but I am just as in the dark as you are. All I know is that the BlueClaws teased a 'major announcement' on Facebook:

There will be a VIP event happening at Seahorse in historic Convention Hall in Asbury Park. If you aren't among the Very Important People who will be there, you can follow along with the event in a bunch of different ways:

The event will start at 5:30pm, with the major announcement scheduled for about 5:55pm.

Minor League Baseball underwent a major overhaul this fall, so I have no idea what this announcement could be. Right now the BlueClaws are promising it is "good news", but I guess "good" could totally be in the eye of the beholder. I know that for years there were whispers that the Yanks and Phils would "trade" affiliates, and make the Trenton Thunder a farm team for the Phillies and make the BlueClaws a part of the Yankee organization. If you're a Phillies fan, I guess that would be "bad" news, but "good" news for a Yankee fan that wants to see some stars of the future.

It could be a dramatic announcement like that, or it could be a name change or a rebranding or something. Maybe a logo change, maybe a color scheme change? Maybe just a new ballpark owner. I don't know, but I know I'll be looking forward to finding out!

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