In response to recent tragedies, the organizers of the Asbury Park Zombie Walk, happening this Saturday, have decided to place a ban on all costume/prop weapons.

With the popularity of The Walking Dead, crossbows and baseball bats have become common props when people cosplay as Daryl or Neegan. You'll also see a lot of zombie hunters with prop guns or swords. The first Zombie Walk I attended, I was dressed as Dale from TWD, complete with old-looking rifle.

zombie walk

If you're planning on heading to Asbury this weekend for Zombie Walk, leave your props at home. No guns, no crossbows, no bats, no axes, no swords, no hammers.

Sadly, with the threat that seems to loom over public events like this, I can't really disagree with the Zombie Walk's decision. I understand that some people are disappointed after putting a lot of effort into the details of their cosplay, but for the sake of the safety of the thousands of people heading to Asbury this weekend, just leave your props at home.

I'll see you there on Saturday!

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