This past weekend was the Asbury Park Zombie Walk, where we attempted to re-take the Guinness World Record for Largest Zombie Walk.  Varacchi took part, check out his pics here!

It was a beautiful day, started off kind of cool but grew warmer as the day went on.  My fiancee and I met with some friends to take the train into Asbury, and we already bumped into some of the undead on the way. We made our way to the boardwalk, seeing more and more zombies as the hours passed. Some costumes were basic, some were incredibly detailed; there were young zombies, old zombies, baby zombies, senior citizen zombies. Some costumes were funny, some were scary, but they were all bloody and gory.

I was dressed as Dale from "The Walking Dead". I saw two guys dressed as Rick, and a whole bunch dressed as Daryl, and got one pic with a guy complete with crossbow.

At 3pm we started to make our way onto the beach for the official count, and at 5pm the Walk began through the streets of Asbury. The announcement came that we had broken the record, with 9,592 zombies invading Asbury!

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